The Art of Thatcircleguy

Contemporary Art by Andrew Duncan

10,000 Circles

Started in 2002 the 10,000 Circle series is now in its 9th year and still going strong.
What started as a painting experiment in colour and form, quickly developed into the popular "paintings for apartments" series- small works  perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle. The circular forms remained as the works changed sizes and mediums (The  smallest  works being just  0.12m x 0.12m and the largest an enormous 2.1m x 2.1m !).
Needing a name to embrace the series as a whole, I was reminded of an anecdote about a potter who went to Japan to train under a master potter. The student showed his skills turning a pot, the master said "very good, but you must now destroy it". This scenario continued for a 1000 times before master deemed the student's work was ready to be fired.

I like the idea of pursuing something to obtain the highest level of skill and articulation.
Hence, if I make 10,000 circles - will I every make the perfect circle?

Circles 1 - 23

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it. Alan Perlis.