The Art of Thatcircleguy

Contemporary Art by Andrew Duncan

Art Rental rental/rental animation base off white base.swf
I have enjoyed great success with art rentals over the years. I see it as an excellent opportunity to expose my works to wider audience as well as adding value and beauty to the locations they are in.

The Art Works

Rental works are;

1.2m x 1.2m Acrylic on Canvas.The frames are hand made from aged pine, with corner supports and come ready to hang.The canvas is tripe primed and the paintings are executed in high grade acrylics and finished with hard-wearing acrylic varnish. Extra care is taken to assure a long rental life.
1.1m x1.1m Cut Vinyl on a durable Signex base. Backed with laminated pine framing bonded to the back using a high bond adhesive to assure flatness and provide a support for the hanging system.The high grade signage vinyls used have a guaranteed long life under even the most stressful conditions.

Rental, Commission and Large scale works.

If you are interested in having some works in your collection please do not hesitate to contact me. Currently over 60% of the works with companies are "stayers" resting in the same location of their initial rental.  An ideal situation for  all concerned. I have also been commissioned for "fit-outs" supplying art for  restaurants and cafes and am always happy to make a proposal for jobs. I also have a love of LARGE SCALE WORKS and am always looking for spaces big enough for large works.

The drawing board & digital studio

Click here for samples of works in development and here for virtual visualisations of the finished works.